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Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Greetings to you my awesome reader. WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! is all I can say at the moment. The festive season as we know is here and asides the merriment, I would like to believe it also calls for reflection in respective areas of our lives especially that which is important. Of course, everything is!

MzTikworldofmore started this journey just exactly a year ago last week. This is my world and I can only but get to express it here with you ☺❤. It has been quite tasking considering some challenges of clashing schedules to enable me do a substantial post, gadget break down or even network stubbornness but in all it has been a great ride I never regretted starting.

Now, here is to a sigh of many THANK YOUs. I got quite a lot of great feed-backs even more offline(please I still employ you to always drop those lines in the comment section). My most amazing top 3 reads this year are:-
1- Reptile attack. You can use this link to read up  https://mztikworld.blogspot.com.ng/2017/10/reptile-attack.html

2- Made in Heaven, feature on 3 wonderful trio  https://mztikworld.blogspot.com.ng/2017/02/made-in-heaven.html

3- Your sperm is beautiful. Truly it is https://mztikworld.blogspot.com.ng/2017/04/your-sperm-is-beautiful.html

Every post has been amazing and quite insightful(feedback). We trust to also have an awesome writing experience with you next year regardless of all. It will interest us to know what you find particularly interesting about this blog and what you will like to read about more in due time.

Hold on a second, its not over for the year; it is just important that we reflect on being a year old with visits to this world of more . Do not forget to read, share and comment as always. THANK YOU!


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


I sunk into the Christmas mood since the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year and please believe me when I say I feel CHRISTMAS sick already, I can’t wait to get into the groove of jingle bell songs, seeing the high street decors even more doing the home set up as well as enjoying the green, red and white settings all around me; above all enjoying the warmth of family and friends and receiving gifts which I may not wait to open on boxing day, hehehe!!!

Here are some gift ideas that your partner would love, not forgetting something for the children too. Above all the gifts we may think of, there are some that never go out of time or put to waste which includes

PERFUMES – We all love perfumes. Spoil your spouse with lovely collections as well as the kids as a family. The MEN can only get their wives or girlfriends lovely Arabian oil essentials. It works like magic.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS- These are highly relevant to what makes Christmas beautiful, there is no harm in buying more items to upgrade your decors.


CUSTOMIZED GIFTS- getting what is suitable for HIM or HER not forgetting the KIDS can be taken very dearly. You can make a family or individual portrait, have names inscribed on an item or gets products like the fist holder/chiller as inserted, personalized tree decors, picture clocks and many more.



ELECTRONIC GADGETS AND APPLIANCES- for your woman, you can surprise her with a new cooking item i.e automatic mixer for Christmas cakes, muffins and what have you. On the other hand, the woman can get her spouse a shaving kit and accessories. For kids we have lots of fantastic choice games that will interest them.

GET AWAYs- This is best applicable for just the spouses, you need not wait till your wedding anniversary or honey moon to have fun. You can to a resort, do a few day trip in and out of your local environment and have fun skydiving or enjoy kayaking.

DESTINATION TRAVELS- it’s just a little different from getaways. Travelling abroad can be fun if only you can cope with the cold this winter, so taking the kids to Disney and doing loads of shopping can’t be a better way to have fun and bond with your family.




BLANK CHEQUE- YES!!! You read that right. It is romantic for HIM to give you such “piece of paper” but it will be more surprising to have a husband receive such from a woman. Trust me I bet he will be such a gentle man to go on your pace and leave it to you over and over again.


It is another amazing time of celebration; let’s make it a memorable for us and our loved ones indeed. 


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Thursday, 9 November 2017


Disclaimer: MATURED MINDS ONLY; quite lengthy, but hey...it's worth it😉

"A guy once told me that he never thinks much about his underwear (or back hair for that matter) before a big date (that may lead to the other room), because once he gets to the point of standing in his underwear with a girl, he's reached end game".

Newsflash: unless your score is drunk as a skunk, she's still judging you at the eleventh hour. And don't you want her coming back for more????


Get Rid of Girl Repellent
Depending on what you're wearing, your lady will either assume that you're game for a roll in the sack or having an asexual day.

You wouldn't wear a poorly fitted, frayed suit to a job interview, right? Same goes for your underwear on nights when you are hoping to get it on. Fortunately, if done the right way, your underwear can broadcast your desire rather than dampen the mood.

Bonus: if you know it’s her favorite sex hints, for every single time you wear them she'd know you wanted to have sex... It’s always a very clear signal.

Enforce Quality Control
I'm all for lucky underwear, but when it comes to impressing your girl, that luck runs out once the "lucky" pair gets so ratty that it looks like you've been attacked by wolves. You may very well fantasize about having your underwear ripped clean off your ass, but please don't start the job for us with a pair of holey, washed-out skivvies. Same goes for underwear with stains on them or stretched out elastic.

Bonus: At the end of the day, when you're naked, that's all you have, but the view in the moments preceding total nudity is important, too. What you're donning on the outside shows how well you take care of what's inside that underwear you're wearing.

Consider the Material
Underwear rubs up against you all day, and eventually your girl will be rubbing up against your underwear, too, so make sure that you check out what your skivvies are made of.

Bonus: If the material would look good on you as a shirt, it would make a good pair of boxers...not only should the cloth your underwear is cut from look and feel good, but it should hold up after a few washes, too and don't have to break the bank to find quality underwear.

Ditch the Tighty Whities
Tighty whities are to men, as granny panties are to ladies. According to Urban Dictionary, the pros of tighty whities are support in gym class and hiding an erection. The cons? Penis strangulation.

Bonus: please stop strangling your penis (and the female sex drive)! ...Let your them breath!!

Don't Overcompensate
These days, it seems even high-end brands are offering under-wears with their names written in huge script across the waist. Very eye-catching, but when the label competes with the size of your junk, our minds can't help wandering from sex to our next shopping spree. Show some real class and taste.

Bonus: Don't make your underwear into a billboard.

Finally!!! Be CLEAN, do your laundry!!! Don't wear your underwear for days🤢


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017


A piece from one of the exhibitors

Hello awesome reader. Thanks for coming back to read yet another write up. “NA the work o” as a typical Nigeria lady would echo.

ART is life no doubt, but still it means different things to us. Life couldn’t be any better if only we see things deeper and truly differently.

The past weekend held Lagos still as the recently concluded ART X Lagos caught the attention of people, art lovers from all works of life across the city to, the CIVIC center, LAGOS.

It was a 3 day event that started from Friday and ended on Sunday,ALL DAY LONG. Trust me when I say the experience I had just going on one of the days was mind blowing. Every piece “said something”.

The most intriguing piece for me was that I enjoyed looking at the portrait of an elderly woman and was also forced to take a picture with the artist.
It made me reflect on life and all its stages and of course made me more thankful for the life of the 3 GENERATIONS I AM BLESSED TO HAVE (MY MUM, GRAND-MUM and GREAT GRANDMA).

Thank you for reading. Please share, comment and keep reading.



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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Hello reader, thanks for all your support. It's sometimes funny how I plan to write about something but another activity takes up the discussion. It is all about being real isn't it?

A few weeks ago I was involved in a conversation with some of my older relatives on a group chat and one of my uncles was scared about some environmental factors making him want to opt on returning back to the UK. It sounded funny but it was pretty worrisome realizing what seemed like an unpredictable burden to him- Fear of Reptiles!!! It also occurred to me recently as well that I have heard and read about peoples' testament escaping  reptiles even more in their rest rooms, how co-incidental I thought.

Your guess is just as good as mine, reptiles often times find their ways into the sewage or soakaway in a bid to chase rats which lurks around in one of those creepy places and pits using the tunnel as an easy access, as studies have shown. While chasing their "food" they find their ways through the channels leading to toilet seats. During the conversation, as earlier mentioned, I got to know some useful tips that can help from the personal experiences my other older relatives have had while on field trips or in a bush surrounded environment:


Here are ways to combat them when such situation arises:

1) Pour concentrated sulphuric acid on the snake till dissolved

2) Have a readymade rag fully soaked in kerosene thrown on the reptile or snake. It causes it to sting itself to death; this is so because they are allergic to kerosene which from all factors is harsh on them in the process causes them to sting the irritated part leading to self poisoning unknowingly.

It is important to note that in an environment with children or individuals with "special conditions" such harsh contents should be kept away to avoid domestic accident resulting from carelessness. The solutions shared are solutions that worked and are still working based on their experiences. Lastly, two rituals that should not be taken for granted is to always cover the toilet seat when not in use and also always look into the toilet before use. Ensure that it is properly clean enough and be ready to act when you feel there is something fishy going on beneath. LOL!

Thank you for reading. I trust you found this helpful. Please read, read, and read again. Drop your comments as well as share.