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Thursday, 17 August 2017


I have a bad habit which subconsciously I got used to, making it a habit-that-is-bad anyway. I easily get irritated due to my sensitive nature. The habit in question is spitting even without being pregnant when something turns me off. I think I know what’s running through your mind but trust me it’s not that bad. I had been working on it but took it more seriously just after reading what I am about to share.

The last “major” spitting encounter I had was on an outing with my mum. She called my name and said, ”This one you keep spitting like this, you don’t know you are doing yourself more harm than good with all the nutrients you are wasting from your body”. I gave her a look filled with surprises. I believe nearly everything she says because of her wealth of experience, exposure and job but was not expecting that so to buttress her point, I did my findings. It was good enough that she did not even think towards pregnancy as most people especially mothers would have thought of.

I know saliva plays a vital role in the mouth with digestion and that there is a gland that produces saliva called the salivary gland but I obviously underestimated it. Here are a few things I discovered which made my saliva earn my respect more:

 -----Saliva comprises 99.5% water. It also has electrolytesmucus, white blood cellsepithelial cells which can be used for DNA extraction;

           -----  Producing little or no saliva can lead to a serious condition called xerostomia which obviously results from dryness of the mouth;

       ----- Research shows that we make up to 2-4 pints of saliva per day varying from the most in the afternoons and least at night;

      ----- Having a wet or salivary mouth prevents some certain level of bad breath and considerable mouth/tooth diseases are avoided; 

      -----The saliva has minerals that protects the mouth and prevents diseases as mentioned above;

      ----- The more you chew or keep your mouth busy the more it helps the gland produce more saliva;

          -----  As initially stated, it helps with chewing and absorbing content(s) in the mouth which aids proper digestion

·         * The salivary gland is positioned inside each side of the cheek, at the bottom of the mouth, and near the front teeth by the jaw bone;
·         *  ”There are 6 major salivary glands and hundreds of minor ones”. Saliva moves through tubes called salivary ducts. 

      Many people may have forgotten these facts after the basic sciences learnt in school. Above all it has helped me curb the habit. I do not want to risk wasting some important minerals hidden in my saliva. DO YOU?



Wednesday, 16 August 2017

EbonyLife Films lands third major international festival premiere with THE ROYAL HIBISCUS HOTEL

Toronto International Film Festival selects film for ‘Contemporary World Cinema’ from hundreds 
 A charming, new romantic comedy from EbonyLife Films, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, will be screened for the very first time at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September 2017. The movie is the only Nigerian selection and one of just three African features in the Contemporary World Cinema category, which spotlights forty-eight of the best new films worldwide.
Set in Lagos and London, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel tells the story of a disillusioned London chef, ‘Ope’, who returns to Nigeria and discovers that going home can bring unexpected surprises. This is director Ishaya Bako’s second feature, following his debut, The Road to Yesterday. The cast includes Zainab Balogun, Kenneth Okolie, Deyemi Okanlawon and O.C. Ukeje, with veteran actors Rachel Oniga, Jide Kosoko, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, many of whom are expected to join the director in Toronto for the screening.

The soundtrack features a score by award-winning musician, Cobhams Asuquo, and songs by leading Nigerian artistes including, Romeo and Juliet by Johnny Drille; Chemistry by Falz and Simi; Skintight by Mr. Eazi; and Tonight, Ocean and Radio by Nonso Amadi.
Mo Abudu, Executive Producer, is thrilled about the upcoming premiere. "The Royal Hibiscus Hotel has been a passion project for me –  the chance to tell an intimate story that has heart and soul, and explores romantic love in the older and younger generations. The film addresses some of the challenges around communication in relationships, while managing to be funny, warm and entertaining. Many of us have forgotten what it feels like to fall in love – I hope The Royal Hibiscus Hotel re-ignites this feeling in us all," she said.

Receiving such a significant accolade is important because it identifies the movie as a quality title. It is the second time an EbonyLife film has been chosen for TIFF, the world’s most important publicly attended film festival. The first was for the blockbuster, The Wedding Party, which went on to become the highest-grossing Nigerian movie of all time.

The TIFF premiere of The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is good news for filmmakers in Nigeria and the continent – and provides further confirmation that positive African stories are attaining global recognition, which is indicative of improved scripting and higher production values.
Major Nigerian bank, Fidelity and Guinness Nigeria Plc are keen supporters of the film. According to Adenike Adebola, Guinness Nigeria Plc’s Marketing Director - Guinness, Spirits and Reserve, "Johnnie Walker celebrates the journeys of the Nigerian Film Industry. For us, the selection of The Royal Hibiscus Hotel to screen at TIFF represents even more of the inspiration that abounds within the next generation of storytellers in Nollywood. We are fully vested in our belief that our films have a rightful place on the global stage."
Charles Aigbe, Divisional Head, Brands & Communications, Fidelity Bank was equally pleased of the association. “We are proud to be partnering with EbonyLife Films on changing the Nigerian and African narrative,” he said.

The 2017 edition of The Toronto International Film Festival will take place from September 7-17. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is scheduled for release in February 2018. 

Friday, 28 July 2017


meme for the flood

It is no longer news that a few weekends ago in Lagos, especially the Lekki environs experienced nature's wrath with the flood that affected the high and mighty, offices, homes including mine and even eateries of course.

The hype on Social media has been quite dramatic till now with mixed feelings of sympathy and "beef" (this is a informal term used in describing a state of mockery or envy at someone's pain). Personally, staying on the Island is not a do or die affair but for proximity and other closely related activities it became a choice, a choice for people whose priorities depend on it.

While many people prefer the mainland because one is most times against traffic, houses are relatively cheaper, affordability and ease of movement is certain ; it is also believed that the island is luxury, breaking a neck to keep up survival and you have to be mobile to enjoy free flow of movement among others which is connected to having a fat-paying account.

71% of the earth is surrounded with Water and history as well as research has proven that Lagos initially emerged as a port city which originated on a collection of islands and separated by creeks. Research also has it that due to rapid development and urbanization, Lagos was classified into two parts- mainland and island; having the ISLAND as the initial city since its separation by creeks from the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon and protected from the Atlantic Ocean which stretch up to 100 km east and west of the mouth by barrier islands.

The flood incident occurred 5 years ago and statistics have it that it may reoccur in the near future. It is important to be watchful and be ready for the worst situation in the same vein here are a few tips I would advice:

1) Be careful and watchful. Always put off any appliance not in use especially cables.

2) If the house you live in is mortgaged either as a bungalow or duplex and your apartment is on the ground floor, be sure to use water proof cements and likes to re-level the floor; 

3) In a case where by you are the property owner of a building just in the construction stage, the foundation or everything that relates to the flooring should be considerably raised above normal leveling.

4) Keep important documents or items that can be easily destroyed by water away. Well whether it is a rainy or dry season important documents should be safely kept.

5) Have important rain accessories like rain boots, pumping machine etc and more importantly a good drainage system.

It is very important to be ready for any of the seasons that come understanding that we are from the tropical region and these seasons (wet/rainy, dry/sunny  as well as harmattan) are inevitable.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find these points helpful. Please we are always delighted to hear from you via comments. Do not forget to read, read and read again. More importantly SHARE.....

*Facts and images from GOOGLE/WIKIPEDIA

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


I have noticed for quite a long time now, especially among individuals who work to earn money; yes to earn money because a few people work by volunteering,to train or intern for a cause so its not all jobs that brings a proper source of revenue.

To be honest, many people do not feel comfortable sharing their income ranges with another party. This is psychological because reflex could make one ask "why do you ask", or "why do you want to know"?  People with high income could be comfortable about it but for fear of being highly rated or found easily accessible they may be mute about it, on the other hand a low income earner may feel a sense of insecurity especially when one would have though high of it.

This questions cannot stop coming in especially when the need for it arises. For instance, during:
* travelling application purposes
* job interviews
* among spouses
* bank documentation purposes and many more.

Bearing in mind that the way people take such questions can be a big deal to them hence they try to avoid it and prevent prying into their space and privacy. A friend sometimes ask me this question and I keep refusing, leaving him to guess. He sees it as strange and nothing to hide but truth is, we both view this issue from different perspective.

Some parents,couple or closely knitted individuals have no idea about their respective earnings with each other until they stumble on a sensitive document containing vital information as that. In as much as it is a personal business, it is also advisable to discuss about this with the necessary people not so that they can be "share-holders"from your money but can advice rightly especially for those who have issues with money accountability.

The choice is yours to determine who you tell as long as you are comfortable with it.

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Hello reader, I believe you enjoyed the past five months especially in this part of my world-MY BLOG. Welcome to a beautiful month of June.

Recently I was pondering on a reaction I got from someone looking so scared because his ears were itching, out of curiosity I asked him what happened and he said  " I think someone is calling my name or talking about me", then I sarcastically replied "answer or go and meet the caller" with a big loud laugh knowing fully well we both have no idea who that could be.On getting home I was forced to have the discussion about myths with my mum and some elders as this is something that has been from time immemorial for present and future generations to feed on by believing them.


In a bid not to seem too spiritual, I will rather say its a thing of the mind and your mind revolves around what you feed it with. Below are some myths I find interesting and also popular:

1)   Never allow a female baby fall off your back, else it will lead to her loss of husband(s) until the seventh time.
2)   Hitting your right leg while walking means good luck, on the other hand hitting one's left leg means bad luck.

3)   Eating while making one's hair will cause hair lice
4)   Eating at the door step will cause one to be unsatisfied or not "belle full" as a generic vernacular Language mostly used by an average Nigerian.
5)   Having a first fruit as a female child brings a peaceful home( even though an average Nigerian family would not trade anything to avoid a male child)
6)   Going out early in the morning and meeting a woman first signifies a successful meeting.
7)   On the other hand, starting the day's business with patronage from a woman means poor/bad sales for that day
8)   If a child doesn't walk as at when due, the parents should kill a fowl and feed the child with the leg to aid the walking pattern and skills
9)   Never whistle when it is sunny or at night.
10) Pregnant women should always wear a safety pin attached to their clothes when going out.

11) If a chicken/hen crosses the leg of a young lady,it means she would be pregnant in no time.
12) Also, if an individual crosses a pregnant woman, it is assumed that the child will exhibit the traits of the individual who crossed the mother as the child grows up.
13) If your right palm scratches you, it means your hand is about to handle huge sum of money.

14) When you receive an offering or gift from a person with your left hand, it shows discontentment or  ill-luck to the person who offered the gift or gesture.
15) When a bird/bat excretes/poos on your head,it means good luck is just around the corner for the person.

The list is endless and It will be a delight to have you share the myths you know of as comments to this post. It is quite amazing how people make a big deal  out of these. Truth be told I also took no. 7 and 10 myths very serious but as I initially stated it boils down to what one feeds his or mind with. Good luck!!!

Please read again, share and enjoy. Thank you


Thursday, 25 May 2017


It has been a rollercoster of emotions for me lately and as a habit, I find time to also meditate by spending time in the restroom(toilet). So a few days ago something struck me which I am certain many of us constantly experience; while peeing I farted and this happens many times. Many of us do not see this as a big deal but have you wondered why you fart while simply passing out urine especially first thing in the mornings?

In my quest to know more I decided to dig deeper and read through some things as well as ask people, it sounded so funny yet interesting. 2 out of 10 people claimed they do not fart while peeing which I found strange so If you are one of them its either you have not taken time to observe or you just do not want to admit it. Well, that is my teasing opinion.

I realized that quite a number of people were also just as curious as me, even though I am yet to get a satisfying  fact as to this psychological act we bring to life. Here are a few things I realized:

1) People's body metabolism differ as a result while many experience it, very few may not. I mean some individuals pee barely 3 times in a day or even may not poo in days. It is not because they are not normal but because their metabolism has adjusted to what they take in and way of life.

2) There are certain combination of muscles flexing/relaxing that makes you fart (flatulence) while you pee.

3) As much as I find this particular one to be hilarious, it is also logical and can be a summary of number one and two as stated above. When you finish drinking a sachet of water, a funny gas sound escapes from it afterwards. This can be closely marked to the experience one feels after peeing with gas escaping at the end of the outpour.

When one encounters this, it does not mean the person is not normal. In fact the gas can be strong and loud, not necessarily smelly but it is a good feeling after all, at least you successfully allowed the evacuation of air from "your corridors of power" .

THANK YOU. PLEASE READ, READ AND READ AGAIN as much as you should comment and share.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week 2017 is announcing an open call for designers and exhibitors for its 5th anniversary. One of the foremost goals of NSDFW is to recognize young emerging creatives in
fashion and design giving them a platform to showcase their designs and understand the business of fashion.

Each year the Most Creative Designer is chosen, based on creativity and detail in design. Other opportunities for the winner includes a feature showcase at the Africa Fashion Week in Nigeria, exclusive interviews, business & fashion mentorship and lots more.

Registration has begun for designers already signed up.

To register visit www.nsfdweek.com or request for a designers pack by mailing info@nsfdweek.com

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hello reader, its been quite a busy week for me and here I am finally posting what I had been looking forward to.  Many people see travelling as a big deal or burden while some see it as hobby or something that they have to do due to circumstances such as business trips and the likes.

It is quite rampant for nationals based in the other parts of the world to feel reluctant to come home for the first time due to different myths, what they hear based on bad or limited experience etc. On the other hand some just do not fancy home coming. If you are ready to visit our motherland, here are a few key things to expect:

Hospitality: Nigerians are very hospitable. We can go extra mile to help out or do a favor especially when it comes to being the "physical google map". Many people can use their spare time to help you settle in and identify with the beauty within Nigeria

Tourist Attraction: I can beat my chest to say that Nigeria amonsgt other African countries have beautiful places to visit filled with things we can pride as great heritage. Most of the popular places identified outside nature can also be significant to slave trade history i.e. Badagry. There are other places that attract attraction such as the Obudu Ranch, Idanre , Olumo rock, Lekki Conservation Center and many more.

Investment- investing in ideas, product or valuable substance that can yield a long term run is ideal in Nigeria. There are lots of opportunities that are open in our country but the angle in which you see them differ. Nigerians love to explore with they find interesting and beneficial to them.

Great food- the culinary skills of Nigerians is wonderful. There are different kinds of food you will be willing to explore and enjoy. Even if you are a Nigerian based abroad, comparing the quality of what you eat from the direct source cannot be under estimated. Our Nigerian Jollof rice is love at first serve, while our native food differs depending on the parts of state whose delicacy you would love to enjoy. For example: AMALA and EWEDU/Gbegiri soup ; Banga soup and starch ; pounded yam and vegetable soup; unripe plaintain/grilled fish and sauce and many more delicious food all belonging to different ethnic tribes and enjoyed by all.

There are many more benefits of visiting our land of heritage and in subsequent blog posts I will share a few experiences of where I have been to and what I enjoyed. Above all, to satisfactorily enjoy every bit of it you need to have money and the right company to savor every moment of it while here either for business or please.

Please read, read and read again.


Thursday, 4 May 2017


Ladies, we have a lot going on with us. Many times we have a lot of WANTS than NEEDS even in this recession that our fashion sense especially is still on point. That is quite a great one. Here are 10 things ladies have or should have:

1) A BLACK DRESS- long or short, simple or glamorous every lady should own at least one black dress. It is also the easiest outfit to jump into in a confused state. Am sure you also know that you can wear it without being noticed you are repeating it.

2) A RED LIPSTICK - any day, anytime RED is still a hit and also one of the most sexy and vibrant colors I know. Come to think of it when you read or watch movies far back as the 60s, 70s and the likes of the funky old generation; what do you notice the beautiful women wear? A red popping lip never mistaken for another word except CLASSY. For me ,it is my escape when I do not want to make up all I do is wear a red lippy and a nice pair of eye frames

3) A  LIP GLOSS- this is also one of the safest measures for a lady who wants to be free and simple especially for night outs. Keeping it glossy and probably colorful is so much and yes when you have a cranky set of lips, the lip gloss is your friend. How about that?

4) A STATEMENT JEWELRY - how can you love fashion and not have these? Staying simple is key for me but slaying as a lady must be an 11th commandment. In every simplicity is a statement, either wearing an earring, neck piece or an amazing cocktail ring.

5) PERFUME- I am easily impressed by someone who smells nice, infact with the opposite sex I know guys love who is beautiful in her own scent(s) too. Well, you are not dressing for a guy or lady but for YOU. It's part of the looking good business. Smell nice it gives a special freshness and even commands attention just incase you do not know. You do not have to break the bank to smell nice, do you?

6) HAND SANITIZER- Way back before the trend of Ebola I always had a small bottle of it. It is quite essential ladies have it especially when involved in different things that could attract dirt even with the false nails we are prone to having on in most cases. We are not complete without our handbags so having one for the road will cost you nothing. Washing your hands often may be a big deal but sanitizers should give you an imaginary feeling of rubbing some hand lotion.

7) SHADES - It could be sunglasses or just a fashion frame we all need at least one. It gives this very awesome look and facial restructure once worn. While many go for the names and designers some keep it low as long as it fits perfectly. The best way to enjoy the frames is certainly on a sunny day which is inevitable in our tropical region.

8) WIGS- Times have indeed changed, gone are the days you buy some ready to wear hair weaves or have to sit all day long at the salon especially on short notice. Now,you can always get it to be custom made and almost every lady has at least one wig. It saves time and money and also makes it flexible for you to blend any hair of your choice suitable to achieve a particular look for the needful occasion when it arises. The in thing now is the braided wigs.

9) PUMPS- For me, pumps are vintage and you can never go wrong with it on any outfit. Every fashionable lady sure does have one. Don't you thing so?  It is safe to have it in black which can be worn without questioning on your themed color for the desirable outfit.

10) "VEX MONEY"- this words became "legit" with the different things that happen especially on dates. It is very advisable NEVER to be caught financially unaware. Ladies have bags and purses to compliment their sexuality once out, please it is important to fill it up some some safe amount amonsgt other essentials. Vex money has been saving lives from donkey years so getting surprised at this is simply about getting stranded when you may least expect it.

Thank you for reading. Please read, read, and read again. Do not forget to also share and leave a comment.


Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hello reader, I am sure the expression on your face reading this right now is what I am right about. Sometime ago I thought of something fun and interesting to learn from and with just a search engine being my friend I was amazed at all I found out which will definitely be as funny to you as it was to me so relax and FEAR NOT.

It is quite interesting to know that the sperm/semen is not just for making babies alone once it hits the egg but has quite a number of fascinating benefits. "Semen is the fluid that holds the sperm, and the sperm is the cell that floats around the fluid, reaches the embryo to implant".

SPERMINE(crystalline polyamine compound) is a substance beneficial for diminishing wrinkles and quite a handful of other purposes.  Research has it that for every ejaculation, there are multivitamins with over 200 Proteins, Vitamins such as VIT C, B12, Calcium, Citric Acid as well as Zinc to mention a few.

I d save you the stress of some medical "jargons" and share in summary how beautiful "the whitish substance" is to the body:-

* As earlier mentioned It helps to diminish wrinkles. You can apply bare on your skin or mix with your cream for morning or evening applications

* It serves as anti depressant to the body, mind and soul

* It helps you sleep well (this could be after the sexual exercise itself or by swallowing it, yes to swallow the semen)

* It also helps make the skin softer asides diminishing the wrinkles so I must say its one of the easier ways to avoid anti aging for older women who have also encountered more stress than the body can take

* It is a recipe. This actually got me when I found out, but its nothing strange if it can be swallowed then it can be on the menu too.

* It is a cure for early morning sickness during pregnancy

* It is great for hormonal imbalance in women. Semen contains anti-inflammatory, suppressants such as Oxytocin, Progesterone, Testosterone , Cortisol etc. Semen has and provides healthy hormones.

* It helps prevent prostrate cancer. The man's release goes a long way but in as much as it is important to release and discharge as often as possible, it shouldn't be seen as a yard stick to be abused.

* It helps reduce ovarian cancer. With this I bet the ovaries have something to nourish on

* It also helps the partner's tolerance with the protein found in sperm once swallowed.

Understanding the part of the world where I am from, it may be slightly avoided but avoiding it would not stop people practicing from seeing results. The fun part of it is I would like to believe that "virgins" can still be a part of this test or practice if they so please; it will not
*cause either of the sex to lose their virginity
*neither will it lead to pregnancy for the woman because swallowing it can be ideally seen like milk or water which will be digested and destroyed in the stomach by the acidic elements responsible for that not the ovaries.

If you are thinking "so how do I get sperm without faces being made at me?", its simple!
*Get a sperm donor there are many willing to donate as long as you search them from the right sources and banks
*It is way more easier if you are married, your husband will see the physical manifestation in the changes that will occur subsequently so it is safe to know his sperm has been recycled for the right purpose
*If you have a sibling*** or a close male friend***, if not your sexual partner it is simply about speaking with them and letting your intentions known.  Any one in doubt is closer to doing a research.

I asked a friend of mine in the process of my findings if he has tasted his sperm before and he confidently said YES. From my research I realized the taste of a man's sperm is a reflection of all he ingests be it salty, sugary, tasteless and all other kinds of taste applicable to the bud.

Please note that it is not healthy to randomly make do with just anybody's sexual discharge, be sure the person is a partner who is clean, healthy and free from all STDs man can think of.

I will say SPERM is a small but MIGHTY substance that works its magic in different forms from the reproductive, psychological as well as medical to the physical benefits. Giving it a shot would not be a bad idea, I hope I get a donor soon and share the testimony with its result making me glow. (LOL)...

NB:-***sign means I will suggest the use of such a person's sperm be used for outward and beauty purposes i.e. as a facial mask with our without mixing to your cream.
It is allowed to think of this as weird but I am just as excited about it as I have put in writing, who knows, it may be your next "prescription" from a therapist or beautician.

PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE (debonair afrik, classfmonline,savvylife)