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Friday, 10 March 2017


No doubt living in Lagos is a roller-coaster of experiences. In my opinion I think one appreciates and enjoys the ups-and-downs of Lagos outside the confines of your vehicle. If you want to Enjoy the city to its fullest asides using a lot of public routes, you need to have guts so as not to be taken for granted.
Every time I paraded some streets of Lagos on some daily tasks and activities I always cannot help but ponder on the different beings that exist here and what I look forward to writing some day on this beautiful city; to that effect I am starting with this......

I grew up as a "butty" that lived on the mainland as a matter of fact a military setting but even after I gained my independence to having control over my own movement I literally did not know that public transport runs on the island. If myself and my friends did not use our private cars to come around, we certainly would take taxis or bikes "okada" as popularly called. Infact using "okadas" was so much fun amidst the fear.

Fast forward to many years after I left the axis out of the state and our former Governor had transformed Lagos to the beautiful mega city which is still ongoing by the current Governor, Gov. Ambode. I came to "the island" for an interview. I was tensed, tired, optimistic and anxious as well as angry as I had to travel down after receiving the call the previous night. In the middle of all the caught up emotions on my way back, every body minding their own business and going about their daily activities I saw a dark average height man looking at me with a smile I will call wicked while working to the bus stop. Did I mention that will be my first time of actually taking a public transport on the island? It actually was!!!

Deep down inside of me, I though how nice of this uniformed man, I though what I was nursing inside was pretty obvious but little did I know I was just about to get into the lion's den without entering the jungle, he walked half way towards me in between the coming vehicles and led me towards the shed having his colleagues and two other preys like myself wait. There were about 6 of them from 2 different para-military groups including a woman. I lost it for a second giving my opinion about this people another thought well positively, little did I know that I should not have reversed it at all. That woman was a SHE-demon and master minder of the executed act. I would never have thought it was part of the tricky plan....

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share as you wait on the concluding part of this post. Thank you.

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