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Thursday, 25 May 2017


It has been a rollercoster of emotions for me lately and as a habit, I find time to also meditate by spending time in the restroom(toilet). So a few days ago something struck me which I am certain many of us constantly experience; while peeing I farted and this happens many times. Many of us do not see this as a big deal but have you wondered why you fart while simply passing out urine especially first thing in the mornings?

In my quest to know more I decided to dig deeper and read through some things as well as ask people, it sounded so funny yet interesting. 2 out of 10 people claimed they do not fart while peeing which I found strange so If you are one of them its either you have not taken time to observe or you just do not want to admit it. Well, that is my teasing opinion.

I realized that quite a number of people were also just as curious as me, even though I am yet to get a satisfying  fact as to this psychological act we bring to life. Here are a few things I realized:

1) People's body metabolism differ as a result while many experience it, very few may not. I mean some individuals pee barely 3 times in a day or even may not poo in days. It is not because they are not normal but because their metabolism has adjusted to what they take in and way of life.

2) There are certain combination of muscles flexing/relaxing that makes you fart (flatulence) while you pee.

3) As much as I find this particular one to be hilarious, it is also logical and can be a summary of number one and two as stated above. When you finish drinking a sachet of water, a funny gas sound escapes from it afterwards. This can be closely marked to the experience one feels after peeing with gas escaping at the end of the outpour.

When one encounters this, it does not mean the person is not normal. In fact the gas can be strong and loud, not necessarily smelly but it is a good feeling after all, at least you successfully allowed the evacuation of air from "your corridors of power" .

THANK YOU. PLEASE READ, READ AND READ AGAIN as much as you should comment and share.


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