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Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hello reader, I am sure the expression on your face reading this right now is what I am right about. Sometime ago I thought of something fun and interesting to learn from and with just a search engine being my friend I was amazed at all I found out which will definitely be as funny to you as it was to me so relax and FEAR NOT.

It is quite interesting to know that the sperm/semen is not just for making babies alone once it hits the egg but has quite a number of fascinating benefits. "Semen is the fluid that holds the sperm, and the sperm is the cell that floats around the fluid, reaches the embryo to implant".

SPERMINE(crystalline polyamine compound) is a substance beneficial for diminishing wrinkles and quite a handful of other purposes.  Research has it that for every ejaculation, there are multivitamins with over 200 Proteins, Vitamins such as VIT C, B12, Calcium, Citric Acid as well as Zinc to mention a few.

I d save you the stress of some medical "jargons" and share in summary how beautiful "the whitish substance" is to the body:-

* As earlier mentioned It helps to diminish wrinkles. You can apply bare on your skin or mix with your cream for morning or evening applications

* It serves as anti depressant to the body, mind and soul

* It helps you sleep well (this could be after the sexual exercise itself or by swallowing it, yes to swallow the semen)

* It also helps make the skin softer asides diminishing the wrinkles so I must say its one of the easier ways to avoid anti aging for older women who have also encountered more stress than the body can take

* It is a recipe. This actually got me when I found out, but its nothing strange if it can be swallowed then it can be on the menu too.

* It is a cure for early morning sickness during pregnancy

* It is great for hormonal imbalance in women. Semen contains anti-inflammatory, suppressants such as Oxytocin, Progesterone, Testosterone , Cortisol etc. Semen has and provides healthy hormones.

* It helps prevent prostrate cancer. The man's release goes a long way but in as much as it is important to release and discharge as often as possible, it shouldn't be seen as a yard stick to be abused.

* It helps reduce ovarian cancer. With this I bet the ovaries have something to nourish on

* It also helps the partner's tolerance with the protein found in sperm once swallowed.

Understanding the part of the world where I am from, it may be slightly avoided but avoiding it would not stop people practicing from seeing results. The fun part of it is I would like to believe that "virgins" can still be a part of this test or practice if they so please; it will not
*cause either of the sex to lose their virginity
*neither will it lead to pregnancy for the woman because swallowing it can be ideally seen like milk or water which will be digested and destroyed in the stomach by the acidic elements responsible for that not the ovaries.

If you are thinking "so how do I get sperm without faces being made at me?", its simple!
*Get a sperm donor there are many willing to donate as long as you search them from the right sources and banks
*It is way more easier if you are married, your husband will see the physical manifestation in the changes that will occur subsequently so it is safe to know his sperm has been recycled for the right purpose
*If you have a sibling*** or a close male friend***, if not your sexual partner it is simply about speaking with them and letting your intentions known.  Any one in doubt is closer to doing a research.

I asked a friend of mine in the process of my findings if he has tasted his sperm before and he confidently said YES. From my research I realized the taste of a man's sperm is a reflection of all he ingests be it salty, sugary, tasteless and all other kinds of taste applicable to the bud.

Please note that it is not healthy to randomly make do with just anybody's sexual discharge, be sure the person is a partner who is clean, healthy and free from all STDs man can think of.

I will say SPERM is a small but MIGHTY substance that works its magic in different forms from the reproductive, psychological as well as medical to the physical benefits. Giving it a shot would not be a bad idea, I hope I get a donor soon and share the testimony with its result making me glow. (LOL)...

NB:-***sign means I will suggest the use of such a person's sperm be used for outward and beauty purposes i.e. as a facial mask with our without mixing to your cream.
It is allowed to think of this as weird but I am just as excited about it as I have put in writing, who knows, it may be your next "prescription" from a therapist or beautician.

PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE (debonair afrik, classfmonline,savvylife)

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