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Tuesday, 4 July 2017


I have noticed for quite a long time now, especially among individuals who work to earn money; yes to earn money because a few people work by volunteering,to train or intern for a cause so its not all jobs that brings a proper source of revenue.

To be honest, many people do not feel comfortable sharing their income ranges with another party. This is psychological because reflex could make one ask "why do you ask", or "why do you want to know"?  People with high income could be comfortable about it but for fear of being highly rated or found easily accessible they may be mute about it, on the other hand a low income earner may feel a sense of insecurity especially when one would have though high of it.

This questions cannot stop coming in especially when the need for it arises. For instance, during:
* travelling application purposes
* job interviews
* among spouses
* bank documentation purposes and many more.

Bearing in mind that the way people take such questions can be a big deal to them hence they try to avoid it and prevent prying into their space and privacy. A friend sometimes ask me this question and I keep refusing, leaving him to guess. He sees it as strange and nothing to hide but truth is, we both view this issue from different perspective.

Some parents,couple or closely knitted individuals have no idea about their respective earnings with each other until they stumble on a sensitive document containing vital information as that. In as much as it is a personal business, it is also advisable to discuss about this with the necessary people not so that they can be "share-holders"from your money but can advice rightly especially for those who have issues with money accountability.

The choice is yours to determine who you tell as long as you are comfortable with it.

Thank you for reading.


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