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Thursday, 4 May 2017


Ladies, we have a lot going on with us. Many times we have a lot of WANTS than NEEDS even in this recession that our fashion sense especially is still on point. That is quite a great one. Here are 10 things ladies have or should have:

1) A BLACK DRESS- long or short, simple or glamorous every lady should own at least one black dress. It is also the easiest outfit to jump into in a confused state. Am sure you also know that you can wear it without being noticed you are repeating it.

2) A RED LIPSTICK - any day, anytime RED is still a hit and also one of the most sexy and vibrant colors I know. Come to think of it when you read or watch movies far back as the 60s, 70s and the likes of the funky old generation; what do you notice the beautiful women wear? A red popping lip never mistaken for another word except CLASSY. For me ,it is my escape when I do not want to make up all I do is wear a red lippy and a nice pair of eye frames

3) A  LIP GLOSS- this is also one of the safest measures for a lady who wants to be free and simple especially for night outs. Keeping it glossy and probably colorful is so much and yes when you have a cranky set of lips, the lip gloss is your friend. How about that?

4) A STATEMENT JEWELRY - how can you love fashion and not have these? Staying simple is key for me but slaying as a lady must be an 11th commandment. In every simplicity is a statement, either wearing an earring, neck piece or an amazing cocktail ring.

5) PERFUME- I am easily impressed by someone who smells nice, infact with the opposite sex I know guys love who is beautiful in her own scent(s) too. Well, you are not dressing for a guy or lady but for YOU. It's part of the looking good business. Smell nice it gives a special freshness and even commands attention just incase you do not know. You do not have to break the bank to smell nice, do you?

6) HAND SANITIZER- Way back before the trend of Ebola I always had a small bottle of it. It is quite essential ladies have it especially when involved in different things that could attract dirt even with the false nails we are prone to having on in most cases. We are not complete without our handbags so having one for the road will cost you nothing. Washing your hands often may be a big deal but sanitizers should give you an imaginary feeling of rubbing some hand lotion.

7) SHADES - It could be sunglasses or just a fashion frame we all need at least one. It gives this very awesome look and facial restructure once worn. While many go for the names and designers some keep it low as long as it fits perfectly. The best way to enjoy the frames is certainly on a sunny day which is inevitable in our tropical region.

8) WIGS- Times have indeed changed, gone are the days you buy some ready to wear hair weaves or have to sit all day long at the salon especially on short notice. Now,you can always get it to be custom made and almost every lady has at least one wig. It saves time and money and also makes it flexible for you to blend any hair of your choice suitable to achieve a particular look for the needful occasion when it arises. The in thing now is the braided wigs.

9) PUMPS- For me, pumps are vintage and you can never go wrong with it on any outfit. Every fashionable lady sure does have one. Don't you thing so?  It is safe to have it in black which can be worn without questioning on your themed color for the desirable outfit.

10) "VEX MONEY"- this words became "legit" with the different things that happen especially on dates. It is very advisable NEVER to be caught financially unaware. Ladies have bags and purses to compliment their sexuality once out, please it is important to fill it up some some safe amount amonsgt other essentials. Vex money has been saving lives from donkey years so getting surprised at this is simply about getting stranded when you may least expect it.

Thank you for reading. Please read, read, and read again. Do not forget to also share and leave a comment.


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