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Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Hello reader, I believe you enjoyed the past five months especially in this part of my world-MY BLOG. Welcome to a beautiful month of June.

Recently I was pondering on a reaction I got from someone looking so scared because his ears were itching, out of curiosity I asked him what happened and he said  " I think someone is calling my name or talking about me", then I sarcastically replied "answer or go and meet the caller" with a big loud laugh knowing fully well we both have no idea who that could be.On getting home I was forced to have the discussion about myths with my mum and some elders as this is something that has been from time immemorial for present and future generations to feed on by believing them.


In a bid not to seem too spiritual, I will rather say its a thing of the mind and your mind revolves around what you feed it with. Below are some myths I find interesting and also popular:

1)   Never allow a female baby fall off your back, else it will lead to her loss of husband(s) until the seventh time.
2)   Hitting your right leg while walking means good luck, on the other hand hitting one's left leg means bad luck.

3)   Eating while making one's hair will cause hair lice
4)   Eating at the door step will cause one to be unsatisfied or not "belle full" as a generic vernacular Language mostly used by an average Nigerian.
5)   Having a first fruit as a female child brings a peaceful home( even though an average Nigerian family would not trade anything to avoid a male child)
6)   Going out early in the morning and meeting a woman first signifies a successful meeting.
7)   On the other hand, starting the day's business with patronage from a woman means poor/bad sales for that day
8)   If a child doesn't walk as at when due, the parents should kill a fowl and feed the child with the leg to aid the walking pattern and skills
9)   Never whistle when it is sunny or at night.
10) Pregnant women should always wear a safety pin attached to their clothes when going out.

11) If a chicken/hen crosses the leg of a young lady,it means she would be pregnant in no time.
12) Also, if an individual crosses a pregnant woman, it is assumed that the child will exhibit the traits of the individual who crossed the mother as the child grows up.
13) If your right palm scratches you, it means your hand is about to handle huge sum of money.

14) When you receive an offering or gift from a person with your left hand, it shows discontentment or  ill-luck to the person who offered the gift or gesture.
15) When a bird/bat excretes/poos on your head,it means good luck is just around the corner for the person.

The list is endless and It will be a delight to have you share the myths you know of as comments to this post. It is quite amazing how people make a big deal  out of these. Truth be told I also took no. 7 and 10 myths very serious but as I initially stated it boils down to what one feeds his or mind with. Good luck!!!

Please read again, share and enjoy. Thank you


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