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Friday, 28 July 2017


meme for the flood

It is no longer news that a few weekends ago in Lagos, especially the Lekki environs experienced nature's wrath with the flood that affected the high and mighty, offices, homes including mine and even eateries of course.

The hype on Social media has been quite dramatic till now with mixed feelings of sympathy and "beef" (this is a informal term used in describing a state of mockery or envy at someone's pain). Personally, staying on the Island is not a do or die affair but for proximity and other closely related activities it became a choice, a choice for people whose priorities depend on it.

While many people prefer the mainland because one is most times against traffic, houses are relatively cheaper, affordability and ease of movement is certain ; it is also believed that the island is luxury, breaking a neck to keep up survival and you have to be mobile to enjoy free flow of movement among others which is connected to having a fat-paying account.

71% of the earth is surrounded with Water and history as well as research has proven that Lagos initially emerged as a port city which originated on a collection of islands and separated by creeks. Research also has it that due to rapid development and urbanization, Lagos was classified into two parts- mainland and island; having the ISLAND as the initial city since its separation by creeks from the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon and protected from the Atlantic Ocean which stretch up to 100 km east and west of the mouth by barrier islands.

The flood incident occurred 5 years ago and statistics have it that it may reoccur in the near future. It is important to be watchful and be ready for the worst situation in the same vein here are a few tips I would advice:

1) Be careful and watchful. Always put off any appliance not in use especially cables.

2) If the house you live in is mortgaged either as a bungalow or duplex and your apartment is on the ground floor, be sure to use water proof cements and likes to re-level the floor; 

3) In a case where by you are the property owner of a building just in the construction stage, the foundation or everything that relates to the flooring should be considerably raised above normal leveling.

4) Keep important documents or items that can be easily destroyed by water away. Well whether it is a rainy or dry season important documents should be safely kept.

5) Have important rain accessories like rain boots, pumping machine etc and more importantly a good drainage system.

It is very important to be ready for any of the seasons that come understanding that we are from the tropical region and these seasons (wet/rainy, dry/sunny  as well as harmattan) are inevitable.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find these points helpful. Please we are always delighted to hear from you via comments. Do not forget to read, read and read again. More importantly SHARE.....

*Facts and images from GOOGLE/WIKIPEDIA

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