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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hello reader, its been quite a busy week for me and here I am finally posting what I had been looking forward to.  Many people see travelling as a big deal or burden while some see it as hobby or something that they have to do due to circumstances such as business trips and the likes.

It is quite rampant for nationals based in the other parts of the world to feel reluctant to come home for the first time due to different myths, what they hear based on bad or limited experience etc. On the other hand some just do not fancy home coming. If you are ready to visit our motherland, here are a few key things to expect:

Hospitality: Nigerians are very hospitable. We can go extra mile to help out or do a favor especially when it comes to being the "physical google map". Many people can use their spare time to help you settle in and identify with the beauty within Nigeria

Tourist Attraction: I can beat my chest to say that Nigeria amonsgt other African countries have beautiful places to visit filled with things we can pride as great heritage. Most of the popular places identified outside nature can also be significant to slave trade history i.e. Badagry. There are other places that attract attraction such as the Obudu Ranch, Idanre , Olumo rock, Lekki Conservation Center and many more.

Investment- investing in ideas, product or valuable substance that can yield a long term run is ideal in Nigeria. There are lots of opportunities that are open in our country but the angle in which you see them differ. Nigerians love to explore with they find interesting and beneficial to them.

Great food- the culinary skills of Nigerians is wonderful. There are different kinds of food you will be willing to explore and enjoy. Even if you are a Nigerian based abroad, comparing the quality of what you eat from the direct source cannot be under estimated. Our Nigerian Jollof rice is love at first serve, while our native food differs depending on the parts of state whose delicacy you would love to enjoy. For example: AMALA and EWEDU/Gbegiri soup ; Banga soup and starch ; pounded yam and vegetable soup; unripe plaintain/grilled fish and sauce and many more delicious food all belonging to different ethnic tribes and enjoyed by all.

There are many more benefits of visiting our land of heritage and in subsequent blog posts I will share a few experiences of where I have been to and what I enjoyed. Above all, to satisfactorily enjoy every bit of it you need to have money and the right company to savor every moment of it while here either for business or please.

Please read, read and read again.


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